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Title: PokerStars Online Poker Reviews
Post by: Admin on November 11, 2015, 06:12:03 AM

PokerStars has managed to build up the largest pool of online poker players making them a force to be reckoned with in the online poker universe. The original founders have sold the company so keep an eye out for changes to the quality of  service as the new owners cut costs and gouge profits to get a return on the billions they spent acquiring the poker behemoth.

Here is a video of an online Poker at PokerStars VIP player Randy Nanonoko playing multi tables on Poker Stars

============Some online poker Reviews of Pokerstars from online sources..===========

By:   Chris      
Date: April 2015      
There are no honest sites online for playing poker. At PokerStars the weak players are favored by the system so they company can make bigger profits with the rake no fair game possible.

Date:January  2015      
I can only hope these crooks all go out of business soon. They are all a bunch of thieves. Don't let the propaganda fool you. 

Date: February  2015      
User questions the integrity of the system. Suspects there could be collusion going on. Concerned about the high rate of bad beats. Noticed the new owners have lowered the comps and freerolls and bonus.

By:   Steve      
Date: January, 2015      
Player mentions he is a solid poker player and makes money at brick and mortar live poker rooms but can never win online at Pokerstars. He says the donks call all in with any 2 cards and showdown the river with monsters. Unbelievable so he says he is cashing out and going elsewhere.