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Title: PartyPoker User Reviews
Post by: Admin on August 26, 2015, 02:32:36 AM

PartyPoker has been around for years providing online poker to millions. The parent company of PartyPoker (Bwin) is currently going through a buy out so there may be some changes to the business. Keep an eye out for any drop in quality of the service as the new owners (GVC) try to cut costs to cover they purchase price and maximize their returns. As always, deposit as little as possible, withdraw any winnings and play for fun. Spend what you would normally spend on a weekend out on the town.

Here is a YouTube video of Evan from ( doing a bankroll challenge (start with $100 build it up to $1000) on PartyPoker enjoy  :)

=======================some PartyPoker reviews from online ======================
Sunday, August 09, 2015

User has reported that they tried to withdraw $2000 and because of an incorrect bank number code, the money vanished into no man's land. Was not traceable and customer service was not able to help.

March 21 2014
Unfavorable review by a user who was not happy with the site. Called it a "joke"

June 23 2014
A PartyPoker NJ user claims there were glitches with the location detecting system (Users must be within the state
of NJ to play)  that caused disconnects and tournament fee losses.